Christmas Day – Modyrts Music

After finishing our Covid Doctors song, ‘We’re Not Superman’ and then ‘Mary’s Boy Child ‘ for 2020 Christmas, someone suggested we write a brand new Christmas song for 2021.


Even though we started early in the year, I simply ‘dragged’ getting it finished but thankfully, here it is. I had this little tune running through my head in May 2021 and passed it by my daughter who thought it had potential (snub!). We called in some very talented and good friends Fenlin, Hugo & Dave, to ‘thrash-out’ the ideas further and ‘Christmas Day’ metamorphasized.


Families have been so torn by lockdowns worldwide and for many, a harsh reality of having to spend Christmas without their loved ones. This song is especially for you. We pride ourselves in using ‘NO’ auto-tune (even though we may need it) or drum loops to avoid generic, over-sanitized sound that’s selectively destroying music.


Only keys were digital. It was a challenge but lots of fun getting some 5 yr. olds into the studio for overdubs at the end. Listen to the end as we’ve tracked some beautiful carols sung by these kiddies. We all trust that you enjoy this song as we wish you all a blessed Christmas, filled with love, hope and health, knowing Christ’s return is eminent…… Regards from South Africa!


Vocal: Caron & her father
Keys: Fenlin Oslin; Dave Opperman, Modyrts
Guitars: Hugo Kleynhans
Bass: Modyrts
Drums: Gino Fabbri
Carol singers: Heidi Jansen, Modyrts …….
Arranged and produced: Modyrts, Oslin; Kleynhans
Lyrics: Modyrts & Caron

All rights reserved (Modyrts Music, Oslin, Kleynhans) Recorded at The Distillery Studio’s, Port Elizabeth, South Africa Video: Rebel Media Guys